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   ESC 6.

  • Strategic Integration Liaison Coordinator - MTSS 100% Funded Out of the SPED Liaison Grant - Position is Supervised by SPED Director at ESC 6

    Job Goal:  The purpose of the MTSS SIL is to develop the capacity of the Local Education Agency (LEA) leadership team to effectively implement a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) program, process and framework to promote positive student outcome through LEA systems.
    • Master's Degree in Education or a related field.
    • Texas Special Education Certification.
    • Supervisor, mid-management, or administrator certification (preferred).
    Special Knowledge and Skills
    • Strong project management background.
    • Minimum of three years of recent experience in the field of special education.
    • Background in special education as an educator, and/or administrator, with data analysis, problem identification, root cause analysis, and potential solutions.
    • High expectations for student achievement of students with disabilities.
    • Experience leading and managing adults, and/or experience in working successfully on a team.
    • Successful experience in, and affinity toward, collaboration and learning from multiple sources. Should be paired with the ability to reflect a strong leadership capacity.
    • Experience providing successful professional development.
    • Strong abilities in communication with diverse groups of stakeholders.
    • Highly professional written and verbal communication and collaboration.
    • Frequent travel is required.
    • Strategic Integration Liaison Essential Functions:
    1. Executive Coaching and Systems Level Change: Support school systems to understand, design, and implement systems change that integrate supports and resources for students with disabilities into new and existing systems within the school.
    2. Collaboration: Manage, support, and/or collaborate directly with TEA, ESC, and LEA staff to develop and disseminate effective resources, products, and materials that intentionally designed to support school systems to understand, design, and implement effective systems level change.
    3. Professional Development:  SILs continuously engage in their own growth and learning by attending and engaging in high-quality professional development.
    Major Responsibilities and Duties:
    • Embedded Design Thinking and 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) processes to meet goals outlined in state and local performance measures.
    • Establish and maintain internal protocols for documenting the status of all projects, including details and timelines, within and across workgroups and through TEA for final approval, if required.
    • Ensure quality completion, tracking, and reporting for all products/projects.
    • Implement professional development, training, and instructional activities at the local, state, and regional levels/as appropriate.
    • Prepare updates and communication for stakeholders, such as TEA, Core Group, etc.
    • Develop action plans to address networks needs for development/expansion for special education initiatives.
    • Work collaboratively with other components, divisions, and Education Service Centers to strengthen the region-wide delivery system.
    • Provide assistance to LEA (Local Education Agency) instructional teams in identifying resources, products, and services available from ESC-20, TEA, and other sources to support efforts to improve student achievement of students with disabilities.
    •  Establish and maintain internal protocols for documenting the status of all projects, including details and timelines, within and across workgroups and through TEA for final approval, if required. Ensure that all required reports are completed and submitted before expected deadlines.
    • Recommend appropriate use of resources to achieve program goals.
    • Provide timely and accurate responses to questions from LEA personnel regarding options available for supporting students with disabilities and the overall special education program.
    Terms of Employment
    • Commensurate with experience.
    Equipment Used
    • Standard office equipment, including personal computer and peripherals.
    Working Conditions
    • Posture: Prolonged sitting; occasional bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting.
    • Motion: Repetitive hand motions, including frequent keyboarding and use of a mouse; occasional reaching.
    • Lifting: Occasional light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds).
    • Environment: May work prolonged and irregular hours.
    • Mental Demands: Work with frequent interruptions, maintain emotional control under stress.
    • To complete an application visit, - contact: